Pickering College - Learning For Life. Creating The Future.

History & Traditions

Morning Meeting

One of the defining qualities of Pickering College is Morning Meeting. Here, we gather to celebrate our accomplishments, to share our common challenges, to raise questions about our responsibilities and to inspire our actions. Morning Meeting has several purposes: attendance is taken, announcements are made and readings and reflections are shared with the school community.

These meetings are led by the Headmaster, the Assistant Head of School, Academics and by our students themselves.

The Four Pillars

Pickering College’s four pillars, at the main entrance to the school, evoke images of strength, tradition, endurance and simplicity in their design and beauty. They have become an expression of all that is important to our school and are so aptly named Faith, Freedom, Friendship and Fun.

The Pillars are the gates we pass through when we enter the school and as our graduates set off into the world. They remind us of the spirit of each of those who has gone before.

Faith - in our students and our friends, in the school and the human spirit.

Freedom - to speak our minds, to pursue the right path and to take risks.
Friendship - at the heart of establishing our beloved community.
Fun - which we encourage and seek out every day.


Our school’s motto, "Bene Provisa Principia Ponantur," translated freely means “Let Foundations Be Well Planned.” It goes to the heart of everything we do, from our solid academic curriculum to our comprehensive competitive and recreational athletic program to our many creative and fulfilling co-curricular activities. We ensure that the moral and intellectual development of our students and community is based on values of community, service, harmony, equality and simplicity.

School Crest

The Pickering College logo was developed in 1892 and serves as a daily reminder of our heritage and our values. Its key elements include a book, a lamp and our school motto. The book represents content of academic learning and is illuminated by the lamp, another classic symbol of learning.