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teacher and students learning in classroom


Pickering College is proud to be a school which holds and promotes the value of a co-educational learning environment.

Our school’s Quaker values have always held a firm stance on co-education because we believe that men and women are equal, and need to be studying the same subjects.

In 1842, when Pickering College first opened, it was a co-education institution, and although we have seen multiple transformations throughout our 175-year history, our school has always had the utmost commitment in providing students with the best education possible.

We believe when boys and girls share their environment and learn together it fosters a spirit of equality and respect which allows both genders to learn from one another’s strengths.


Boys and girls learning together

Even though physiological differences exist in the early elementary years of childhood, there is no hard evidence to support that learning is based strictly on gender, or that a single-sex education leads to better academic performance. An environment where students are taught by experienced and committed faculty is one of the best ways to ensure equal academic opportunities amongst students of both sexes.

Pickering College teaches students in ways that helps break down the barriers of gender stereotypes. Students benefit from diversity and learn to express themselves confidently around the opposite sex. We ensure that students are equipped with the best skills, and are inspired by and learn from one another.

Athletics are also an important part of our school and we offer a wide range of competitive and recreational sports for both genders. In addition to the very popular options of soccer, volleyball and basketball, Pickering College also offers equestrian, mountain biking, alpine skiing, and snowboarding.

There are also opportunities for students of both sexes to participate in our diverse arts program, including drama, music, film or visual arts.

Academic Integrity

Students of all genders do best in an environment that holds dedicated and highly knowledgeable faculty. Pickering College provides a rich, supportive and nurturing environment for all students. The dedicated teachers and staff at Pickering College make the effort and take the time to really get to know our students and help focus on their individualized learning in a strong and caring community.

Students thrive in a diverse environment that offers differing viewpoints, where they learn to work productively, are challenged academically through critical thinking and become best prepared for post-secondary institutions once they graduate.

Our students are knowledgeable, skilled, confident and resilient. Our approach to education ensures that all students, regardless of gender, are able to reach their full potential, while achieving their personal and academic goals and dealing effectively with the challenges of life.

Preparation for the Future

A co-educational environment helps expose students to both female and male role models they can look towards in the years ahead.

In the future, students will attend post-secondary institutions and be employed in environments that will expose them to a variety of different viewpoints, where they will informed and cultivated skills in order to contribute meaningfully.

Schooling is about social emotional development, as well as academics, which is why both citizenship and democracy are pre-disposed to co-education. Students in a co-educational environment will be able to interact with anyone and learn about real equality, whether it’s racial, gender, linguistic or cultural, as boys and girls will learn to work together and relate to one another.

At Pickering College, students are taught in an environment that encourages their self-esteem, social skills and better prepares them for a diverse world where both genders play important roles in society.