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Pickering College Corporation

Pickering College is fortunate to have a group of very dedicated volunteers who are giving of their time and talent.

The Pickering College Corporation is comprised of 40 members and is responsible for electing the Pickering College Board of Directors. The overall role of the Corporation is to hold the school in trust and to ensure long term success. The Corporation approves the Boards’ financial statements at the Annual General Meeting. Members of the Corporation support the overall strategic initiatives of Pickering College, serving as advisors and ambassadors. They represent a number of constituencies including the Quakers, parents, alumni, our local community, faculty and staff.

The members of the Pickering College Corporation for 2018-2019 are:

Steve Barratt '86

Christina Bianco

Sal Bianco

Charles Boyd

Peter Dobbs '87

Janet Downer

Beth Egan

Beric Farmer

Adam Floyd

Donna Fordyce

Bev Jackson

Ajit Khanna

Jonathan Knaul '87

Christopher Lane

Heward Lee '78

Vivian Lee

Ailene MacDougall

Kelly Mason

Mirella Morra

Daniel Nelson

Helen Pei

William Prittie

Ian Proudfoot

Brian Purdy '56

Ed Richardson '45

Tara Roy-DiClemente

Edmund Rynard '70

Debra Scott

Colleen Sexsmith

Adam Shully '78

Peter Sturrup

Riane Tse '07

Patrick Turner '97

Tony Van Bynen

Ron Veitch '69

Duncan Walker '69

James Waters

Karen Whetstone

Stephen Widdrington '83

Jane Zavitz-Bond