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Students holding thank you letters

Thank You Campaign

In this season of giving thanks, we are encouraging everyone at PC to show their gratitude. We have seen many small acts of kindness and practical actions, as we went through Back to School during this extraordinary time. So many faculty, staff and students have gone above and beyond in their work, and the spirit they bring to PC. Please submit any kudos you have for fellow members of the PC Community. We hope to have staff, faculty, students, parents, and other members of our community get involved - it’s as easy as submitting your note of thanks or a short video online! Submissions will be shared on our website and our social media channels using the hashtags #PCPowerofCommunity and #CommunityatPC.

For instance, earlier this month, the Grade 3 students learned the art of letter writing, which includes five main components. They decided to write thank you letters to members of our Food and Facility Services staff to thank them for all their hard work. Well done, students!

A big shout out goes to members of our Food Services team for making such delicious meals that keep our students and faculty well fed. And a huge thank you to our Facility Services team for helping to ensure the new in-classroom meal-delivery program is possible - we couldn't do it without you! 

Thoughts of Thanks

"Thank you, Mrs. Demarco for everything you do! It's an especially challenging time for our teachers and you're doing an amazing job!" - Tara Ingram LeChasseur

"Thanks for being awesome, Mrs Demarco! Maddie is really starting to feel comfortable." - Nolin LeChasseur

Ms. Demarco and her Grade 3 students

"Thank you Wendy and the caretaking crew!! Thank you a million times over for your hard work and dedication around the clock! The parents so appreciate all that you do (especially the night shift when you have to be up on the 4th floor alone!!) You do a tremendous job all the time with a smile. You know the students, the students all know your crew. Each and every one of you are another reason why PC feels like home." - The Deforges'

Members of our Facilities Services

"Thank you Ms. Cleland for helping me get better at French. You make it fun to learn for me." - Mateo Liberta

"You are a wonderful teacher Ms. Jay.

I'm going to love this year because you're my teacher." - Amilia Liberta

Ms. Jay and her class

"Kim Bartlett took the time to have a one on one lunch with Thomas to talk about his future goals and aspirations. She took the time to read up on Thomas’ website and YouTube channel to better understand his passion for technology. Way above and beyond!! Thank you!" - Christina Bianco


Ms. Bartlett and Thomas

"Ms. Simon was my guidance counselor from Grades 10-12. I hadn’t gone into the guidance office too much however, once I went in and met Mrs. Hamilton, Mr. Baram and Ms. Simon, I instantly loved the office. Ms. Simon was always so kind and willing to help wherever needed. Ms. Simon helped me through my GLP Capstone Project more than I could have ever imagined and I would not have been able to make as much of an impact with the project if it wasn’t for her. Ms. Simon is an incredible teacher who goes above

and beyond for her students!"

- Nick Borowski '20

Ms. Simon hosting an online workshop

"The nurses in the Health Centre: Jillian, Lisa, Jill and Laura are an amazing team. The dedication, care, kindness and generosity that they show on a daily basis is amazing and we are so appreciative of all their hard work!" - Danielle Sugar

Rogers House in Spring

"I would like to thank Mr. Au Yong because even though it’s only been 1 month, I think Mr. Au Yong is really nice, funny, caring and loving. I also think he is amazing and doing a great job on keeping the class safe! Tomorrow we are starting speaking club and I am so excited for it! Mr. Au Yong is amazing and I could not ever ask for any other teacher this year." - Rebecca D.

Mr Au Yong with students

"Thank you to everyone who is helping to keep PC safe - the parents for making sure your kids stay home if they are not well, the boarders who quarantined before starting school, the incredible caretaking staff and facilities for setting up new classrooms and keeping everything as clean as can be, the management team developing the safety protocols and sharing with the community, and everyone at PC for wearing masks and distancing. We are in this together!"

Puma mascot in a mask

"Miss Kliem was an incredible teacher and advisor to me through my years at PC. She went above and beyond for her students and was always the kindest person." -

Nick Borowski '20

Rogers House

"Even with all the changes, the students of PC continue to bring their enthusiasm, love of learning, sense of humour and kindness to school each day!! More than ever I am so grateful to be a teacher at PC. The people are Pickering! " -

Mrs. Sarah Demarco

Karen, You are an incredible support to the Development team. Thank you for all of your efforts.


Ann, you have managed our team and this pandemic with grace. Thank you for your leadership and steadfast support. 



Rogers House

On behalf of our family, we would like to thank each of the teachers for the very organized and well-structured online program that Pickering College put together for the Junior and Middle school. We are sure the Senior School was equally successful.

Ethan and Aiden both enjoyed their last few months online with their teachers and classmates and we are grateful that they were able to receive this opportunity so that their learning was not interrupted due to Covid-19.
  We are also thankful to all of their teachers who clearly put so much effort into their online classes, virtual assignments, Pillar Day meetings, Student Committee initiatives, being available for any questions that the students may have, and providing resources to help the children succeed in this virtual process.
We are grateful for all of the effort put in by Staff and Faculty at Pickering College to ensure a healthy and safe environment to continue the education for all of our children at PC as they returned to in class learning this Fall.
Thank you PC Faculty and Staff! - The Robinson-Vincent Family

Rogers House