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Role of Quakerism

Pickering College was founded by Quakers in 1842 and while it is not a Quaker school today, the influence of their guiding values is immense. Quakers were renowned for being philanthropists and pioneers in education, making schools accessible not only to girls but also to people of all creeds and colours.

The role of Quakerism at Pickering College is a unique and defining aspect of our school. Retaining a close relationship with our Quaker heritage provides a philosophical, moral and operational framework for our planning and decision-making. Staying true to our Quaker ideals means:

  • recognizing that there is that of God in every person, regardless of age, gender, and ethnic background;
  • providing a high degree of caring, compassion and support;
  • developing a strong social consciousness;
  • using consensus in decision making;
  • emphasizing traditional Quaker values, such as non-violence and simplicity as well as the school values of community, compassion, integrity, respect and responsibility; and
  • building our community through Morning Meeting.

Staying true to the beliefs and ideals deeply held by our Quaker founders means continuing to be a school that combines academic excellence with moral depth.

The outstanding archives of Quakers in Canada for over 200 years are housed at Pickering College. Access is by appointment only with the part-time archivist: www.quaker.ca/archives.