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The PC Difference

At Pickering College, we provide a nurturing, supportive and enriching learning environment for all students. We educate and develop the whole child through a focus on academic excellence, co-curricular distinction, character and leadership development, and by providing an individualized approach to student learning. We know our students and ensure that they are supported and encouraged to meet their individual needs and accomplish their dreams.

Educating and developing the whole student is a shared responsibility between staff, faculty, parents and alumni. Our teachers enable each student to develop their intellectual, creative, spiritual and athletic potential. Our students are well-rounded individuals who balance a variety of opportunities, feel connected to the school community, and experience personal fulfillment in their lives.

Our programs build on the special strengths of our community: the personal and individual attention we provide our students; the safe and supportive environment; the diverse cultures and experiences within our community, and the unique aspects of our boarding program.

The teacher advisor program, Morning Meeting, family-style lunches and family-based boarding program foster a spirit of community and a caring, friendly environment in which our students thrive. At Pickering College, we remain true to our founding principles, values, mission, history and traditions. Students, parents, faculty, staff and alumni have pride in the school, and feel valued, engaged and connected. We are a compassionate community with extraordinary students who achieve remarkable outcomes every day.

Why invest in a Pickering College education?

A Pickering College education provides our students with an exceptional learning environment that prepares them for future success. We develop and instill in our students the attributes, values, knowledge, self-confidence and courage to be successful in post-secondary studies and beyond. Our students not only develop strong academic skills, but they develop social consciousness and leadership skills in order to contribute to the world in a meaningful way.

Experiential learning opportunities deepen understanding and develop leadership capacity from a global perspective. Our learning community is enriched by bringing together students who represent a diversity of cultures and perspectives to study and live at our school. Our students work to develop into ethical, responsible and active citizens who can make a difference in the local and global community.

We offer a smaller school environment where students know their teachers and classmates well. Students are encouraged and supported to do their best. They have ample opportunity to try new things - be it creating a film, learning a new language, hosting their own radio show or venturing off for a weekend of winter camping. Students learn with highly-motivated classmates from Ontario and from more than 25 countries around the world.

Pickering College is a proud CAIS School

In Canada, education is provincially mandated and CAIS Schools are required to meet Ministry requirements.

However, CAIS schools provide more. Our National Standards and Procedures are congruent with the internationally accepted criteria and model core standards adopted by the NAIS International Commission on Accreditation and updated annually based on current research and exceptional practices. The Standards Council of the CAIS Board reviews and approves all changes to the Accreditation Guidelines.

Learn more about CAIS and why accreditation matters

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