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Student and teacher working together


A Pickering College education provides our students with an exceptional learning environment that prepares them for future success. We develop and instil in our students the attributes, values, knowledge, self-confidence and courage to be successful in post-secondary studies and beyond. Our students not only develop strong academic skills, but they develop social consciousness and leadership skills in order to contribute to the world in a meaningful way.

Experiential learning opportunities deepen understanding and develop leadership capacity from a global perspective. Our learning community is enriched by bringing together students who represent a diversity of cultures and perspectives to study and live at our school. Our students work to develop into ethical, responsible and active citizens who can make a difference in the local and global community.

The Global Leadership Program focuses on developing leadership skills and potential in each student from a global perspective, ensuring that our students are equipped to understand and address complex global issues through carefully planned curriculum, co-curricular opportunities, community service, authentic experiential learning opportunities, educational partnerships and cross-disciplinary independent projects.

By working with others locally and globally through transformational partnerships, travel, exchanges, community service opportunities and technological communication, our students experience and appreciate what it means to be an active and responsible global citizen. The Global Leadership Program equips our students to pursue their passions, post-secondary studies and careers to be effective leaders in a globally competitive and rapidly changing, interconnected world.

Pickering College offers all students from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 12 challenging and meaningful learning opportunities through its Co-curricular Program. If students are to be successful in leading a balanced and purposeful life, they must explore and develop their skills and talents beyond the classroom. This unique program encourages students to participate in a variety of activities, including: competitive athletics, recreational sports, fitness, diverse clubs, community outreach opportunities, as well as art, music and drama.

Our Outdoor Education Program (JK-12) engages students in activities that enrich their curricular understanding, present a multitude of benefits from exploring and enjoying our natural heritage to inspiring them to be more active stewards of the environment. Through our access to the Blue & Silver Farm as well as a series of progressively more challenging off-campus trips and excursions, our program encourages intellectual, emotional and social development, leadership as well as age-appropriate risk taking within a safe learning environment.