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Two students canoeing

Co-curricular Program

The Co-curricular Program at Pickering College is a valuable and fundamental part of each student’s education, growth and health. It contributes to school spirit, developing healthy, active lifestyles and a balanced program that exposes students to a range of activities they might not otherwise be willing to try. Therefore, the age-appropriate Co-curricular Program is a mandatory part of PC’s educational experience for students in Junior Kindergarten through Grade 12.

Building a sense of teamwork and school spirit is an important learning opportunity that can be enhanced through appropriate competition. The school is committed to building competitive athletic programs where students are provided with increasing levels of competition as they move through the Junior School to the Senior School in a way that supports their skill development, sense of teamwork and commitment to sportsmanship.

A wide range of athletic, artistic and special-interest activities enhance the experience of the students and assist in meeting the vision of creating good citizens.

The success of the program comes, in large part, from the relationships between teacher and student that can be developed outside of the classroom. The commitment of our teachers is a key ingredient of the success of the Co-curricular Program. The school is committed to creating a Co-curricular Program with well-trained, skilled and passionate teachers.