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Building Setup & School-Owned Vehicles

directional floor signage

Building Setup

Campus building and residences will be set up to promote physical distancing and good hygiene.

Classrooms will have surplus teaching material, plush fabric items and unnecessary furniture either removed or gathered in one area.

  • Physical distancing markers (stickers) will be placed in areas where there might be line ups – Reception, Dining Hall, Guidance etc.
  • Excess furniture will either be removed or taped off
  • Chairs in common areas will either be removed or signs will be used on seats to indicate they should not be used to maintain physical distancing
  • Corridors will be one way on each side indicated with markers
  • Signage will be placed throughout the campus to remind students, faculty and staff about new protocols
  • Additional sanitizer stations have been placed at each entrance and in each classroom and office
  • As good ventilation reduces the potential for COVID-19 transmission – All classrooms, offices and dorm rooms will have their windows and doors open for part of the day if possible
  • Where possible, natural ventilation should be maximized by opening the doors and windows to periodically change the air
  • The Staff Room – All commonly used items such as coffee machines, kettles, toasters and microwaves are unavailable to be used by staff and boarding students. Coffee/tea and snack service will be provided in the Dining Hall by Aramark according to their protocols
  • Water fountains have had the fountain disconnected and are available for “water bottle filling only”
  •  In Rogers House, Stairwell A is down only. Stairwell B is up only. Stairwell C is down only. This is indicated with directional arrows. Note: In the event of a fire/evacuation alarm this does not apply as the priority should be to exit the buildings via the nearest exit


Transportation/Buses and School-Owned Vehicles


Maintenance and Operations of Vehicles


  • School vehicles will have high-touch areas (handles, steering wheel etc.) disinfected before and after use
  • Each vehicle is equipped with hand sanitizer. Students are required to sanitize their hands upon entering and exiting the bus
  • Each vehicle will have reduced occupancy to allow for physical distancing
  • Students must board the bus and go directly to the furthest back seat and load up to the front. Unloading of the bus will be done from the front to the back
  • The seat immediately behind the driver will not be occupied
  •  A seating chart must be done once passengers are seated and students are required to use the same seat on the return trip. This is for contact tracing purposes
  • If students are being transported in the minivan or other small school vehicles they should wear a mask