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hand sanitizer

Facilities staff will set up classrooms/teaching spaces prior to the start of school to ensure physical distancing. Classroom workspaces and desks will be separated from each other by a minimum of two metres to provide adequate physical distancing during the school day as per the Ministry of Education recommendations. Only essential teaching items should be in the classrooms. Students will be allocated a desk for their daily use.

Desk and countertops must be cleared at the end of the day to facilitate the evening and overnight staff facilities cleaning protocols.

Hand sanitizer is available in each classroom/office.



  • Classroom teachers should declutter classrooms to facilitate efficient cleaning. Only essential, daily required teaching items will be stored in the classroom

  • The use of the classroom for long term storage must be minimized

  • Unnecessary, unused items must be disposed of or relocated

  • Desktops and counter surfaces must be kept clear to facilitate ongoing disinfection throughout the day and allow for evening/nightly facilities cleaning/disinfecting

  • Faculty will direct students to take home any unnecessary personal items and keep their desks/tables clean and uncluttered

  • Faculty must set up the classroom so that it contains only the essential items needed for the day

  • It is expected that a minimalist environment exists in the classroom


Toys and Manipulatives

Toys and manipulatives will be reduced to the maximum extent possible. Only those items which can be readily disinfected will be selected to remain. Faculty and staff will clearly identify with signage the toys and manipulatives that require daily disinfection. These items will be placed in plastic bins and filled no greater than ½ full so that facilities staff can disinfect them using approved methods. No plush toys will be permitted. Parents are reminded that students should not be bringing toys or manipulatives to school.


Keyboards and Electronic Devices

Mobile phones and other frequently touched electronics like tablets, remotes, keyboards, mics and gaming consoles must be cleaned and disinfected regularly.