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Occupational Health & Safety

Physical Distancing

  • The maximum capacity of each classroom or gathering space will be determined by the guidelines from the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health
  • Signage and physical markers will be used to promote physical distancing
  • Hallways and stairwells will be designated and marked for one-way traffic or be marked/signed “Keep to the Right”
  • Common areas will have signage indicating maximum occupancy limits, reminder for physical distancing and reminders for users to wash their hands
  • Administrative support staff will be encouraged to work from home, where possible
  • Large gatherings will be suspended until further direction from Public Health. As such, Morning Meeting will take place in an alternate format



Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Wearing non-medical masks is a personal choice for faculty and students.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), such as masks and gloves are not needed, beyond those used by staff as part of regular precautions for the hazards normally encountered in their regular course of work. Supplies of PPE are limited so they should only be used when all other controls fail.

PPE is required only for Health Centre staff and others who will be in close proximity to those with COVID-19 symptoms. It will be provided from the Health Centre stock.

Managing students with complex behaviours, on a delegated care plan or experiencing a health emergency may require staff to be in close proximity with the student.

No additional personal protective equipment beyond normal universal precautions is required.