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Global Leadership Program

At Pickering College, every student, Junior Kindergarten to Grade 12, benefits from the fully integrated, enriched programming of the Global Leadership Program. The Global Leadership Program teaches students to deeply consider the global context, and to develop the skills necessary to effectively participate in this context. Creative and innovative decision making drives all programming in academics and activities beyond the classroom. Students learn to take theory to action, and to assess the impact of their actions.

Our students continue to benefit from an inquiry based education that is student-centered and prepares them to think critically, independently and creatively. Our students have a wide range of authentic and experiential learning opportunities, within and outside of the classroom, to meet their individual strengths and interests. Educating and developing the whole student has always been a priority at Pickering College. Our teachers enable each student to develop their intellectual, creative, spiritual and athletic potential within the school community and beyond.

The Foundation Years (JK - Grade 5)

The Foundation Years Program sets the foundations of Global Leadership through cumulative challenges and interdisciplinary projects organized around eight building blocks: Global Awareness, Leadership, Design and Build, Technology Integration, Environmental Stewardship, Outdoor Education, Public Speaking, Literacy and Languages. The program’s culmination is “My Key Idea,” a public speech advocating for support on a topic of personal significance.

The Pillar Years (Grade 6 - Grade 8)

The Pillar Years Program, based on pedagogical understanding of this age, is active and action based. Students follow four pillars: Adventure, Wisdom, Community and Freedom. The Freedom pillar represents their choice in determining both the topic and medium of their completely self-directed final project, called the Expression of Self.

The Capstone Years (Grade 9 - Grade 12)

In the Senior School, our faculty and staff provide rich, meaningful and relevant experiences both inside and outside the classroom. The GLP program is delivered through subject classes, mentor meetings, visits from industry leaders, field trips and excursions, clubs, teams and committees to name just a few. Their Capstone Project requires them to independently research an issue of global significance and develop an innovative solution to this issue.

Pickering College students graduate with an Ontario Secondary School Diploma and are eligible for the Pickering College Global Leadership Diploma (GLD) or the Pickering College Global Leadership Diploma with Distinction (GLD+), upon completion of the additional requirements including the 10 Demonstrations of Global Leadership.

In Grade 9, the program focus is sustainability. Students work on delivering an innovative plan for making PC more sustainable. In Grade 10, students participate in a number of excursions and workshops to explore the concepts of culture and social justice. Grade 11 students focus on the theme of innovation and begin working on their Capstone Project and write their interdisciplinary Capstone essay.

Grade 12 students spend their year taking action on the solution they have identified for their Capstone Project. Every project is unique and students are supported in shaping their solution through university level research workshops, debates, meetings with mentors and industry experts. The program concludes with the Capstone pitch day where students present their solutions to panels of teachers and professionals.


GLP Diploma and Diploma with Distinction Criteria

GLP Diploma
  • Engagement and achievement in Grade 11 and 12 GLP Program Capstone Research Project
  • Engagement and achievement on Global Leadership Program and Projects in Grade 9 and 10 or prior activities at previous school
  • OSSD Requirements
  • Sustained and meaningful community service partnership
  • Successful completion of IDC4O Global Leadership: Theory to Action  credit (70% or above)
  • Recent and consistent GLP achievements at Competent or above as per GLP rubric


GLP Diploma with Distinction
  • As above for GLP Diploma
  • 85% average of top 6 Grade 12 courses 
  • Recent and consistent GLP achievements at Distinction as per GLP rubric