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Global Leadership Program

The Global Leadership Program is Pickering College’s own diploma program, designed to develop students into creative, innovative and courageous agents of ethical and positive change, true to Quaker values. Three aligned but distinct programs for Junior, Middle and Senior School students differ through the skills and academic instruction tailored to each specific age group, but all progress to culminate in an action-based Global Leadership Diploma. Students in the Global Leadership Program understand the global context and possess the skills needed to actively participate in this context.

Our students continue to benefit from a rich Liberal Arts education that is student-centered and prepares them to think critically, independently and creatively. Our students have a wide range of authentic and experiential learning opportunities, within and outside of the classroom, to meet their individual strengths and interests. Educating and developing the whole student has always been a priority at Pickering College. Our teachers enable each student to develop their intellectual, creative, spiritual and athletic potential within the school community and beyond.

The Ontario Curriculum is consistently regarded as one of the most rigorous and progressive curricula in the world. The 2012 OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) report stated that Ontario has improved student achievement by 13 percentage points, building on previous OECD reports that have ranked Ontario students among the best in the world.


The Foundation Years (JK - Grade 5)

The Foundation Years Program sets the foundations of Global Leadership through cumulative challenges and interdisciplinary projects organized around eight focus areas: leadership; global awareness; design and building; public speaking; empathy and perspective; environmental stewardship; friendship and community; and literacy and language. The program’s culmination is “My Key Idea,” a public speech advocating for support on a topic of personal significance.


The Pillar Years (Grade 6 - Grade 8)

The Pillar Years Program, based on pedagogical understanding of this age, is active and action based. Students follow four pillars: Adventure, Wisdom, Community and Freedom. The Freedom pillar represents their choice in determining both the topic and medium of their completely self-directed final project.


The Capstone Years (Grade 9 - Grade 12)

The Capstone Years are academic and rigorous to prepare students for university and beyond. Students work through 10 Demonstrations of Global Leadership, gathering evidence on digital platforms. Their Capstone Project requires them to independently research an issue of global significance and develop an innovative solution to this issue.