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10 Demonstrations of Global Leadership


  • Engage in a cultural immersion experience at the local, national or international level.
  • Challenge yourself through an experiential excursion or to a commitment that demands physical strength, resilience and strong character.
  • Demonstrate oral capability and cultural fluency by carrying on a sustained and meaningful conversation in a second and/or third language.


  • Represent Pickering College as a leader in an area in which you have passion and expertise.
  • Enrich and model a deep understanding of Quaker values through experiential learning and reflection.
  • Establish or participate in a sustained, meaningful and collaborative partnership with an outside organization, exemplifying the ideals of servant leadership in your contributions.


  • Identify, investigate and develop an innovative solution for a pressing issue of local or global significance, and present it to an expert panel.
  • Create or invent a machine or program capable of doing a difficult task or design a model or framework to solve a significant problem.
  • Use social activism to bring awareness of your beliefs to public consciousness, organizing an activity or demonstration.
  • Make a connection between yourself and the world by producing, performing or interpreting an artistic or creative piece or a presentation within a discipline.