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10 Demonstrations of Global Leadership

The Global Leadership Program seeks to address the whole child. Students will reflect on the following
aspects of Global Leadership in their digital portfolio, each one addressing different areas of personal
development and achievement. Some students may use several demonstrations together to build their
Capstone Project.

Students who effectively experience and reflect on the demonstrations below will be eligible
for the Global Leadership Diploma.


  • Engage in a cultural immersion experience at the local, national or international level.
  • Challenge yourself through an experiential excursion or to a commitment that demands physical strength, resilience and strong character.
  • Demonstrate oral capability and cultural fluency by carrying on a sustained and meaningful conversation in a second and/or third language.


  • Represent Pickering College as a leader in an area in which you have passion and expertise.
  • Enrich and model a deep understanding of Quaker values through experiential learning and reflection.
  • Establish or participate in a sustained, meaningful and collaborative partnership with an outside organization, exemplifying the ideals of servant leadership in your contributions.


  • Identify, investigate and develop an innovative solution for a pressing issue of local or global significance, and present it to an expert panel.
  • Create or invent a machine or program capable of doing a difficult task or design a model or framework to solve a significant problem.
  • Use social activism to bring awareness of your beliefs to public consciousness, organizing an activity or demonstration.
  • Make a connection between yourself and the world by producing, performing or interpreting an artistic or creative piece or a presentation within a discipline.