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Junior students participating in outdoor education

Enriched classroom learning

Within the curriculum, strong emphasis is placed on teaching public speaking and presentation skills. Students from K-5 are provided with opportunities to communicate to small and large groups of students and adults, in formal and informal settings. Most importantly, they speak about topics that motivate them to learn and they, in turn, inspire others with their enthusiasm.  

Students in the Junior School years have many opportunities to be involved in student leadership, including serving on the Junior School’s Student Committee, Green Team, Playground Peacekeepers, as well as through Learning Buddies and peer mentoring. 

All students in the Junior School participate in Coding and Robotics through the FIRST LEGO League (FLL), working together in small groups to design and build a LEGO model using a motor and simple machine. Junior School students participate in environmental stewardship projects as well.  Some of these inquiry projects include: studying endangered species; composting with vermi-worms; taking responsibility for personal waste; and learning about trees, soil, and habitats. K-2 students use the Reggio method of inquiry and Grades 3-5 use the I-Think (Integrated Thinking) model for inquiry. Both methods of inquiry enable metacognition and creative problem solving in our classrooms, effectively helping students delve deeper into topics.

The Junior School program is enriched by the Arts. Students K-5 have the opportunity to participate in music concerts twice each year and drama productions every other year. Visual Arts and Music are an integral part of our regular weekly schedule and are taught by specialist teachers. Students K-5 participate in both vocal and instrumental music.