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The Foundation Years (JK-Grade 5)

Global Leadership in Junior School builds the foundation for lifelong learning

The Junior School Global Leadership Program – The Foundation Years – focuses on inquiry, creativity and collaboration. In each grade, students undertake age appropriate inquiry and the school’s faculty tie classroom lessons to outdoor education, whenever possible.

Eight areas of focus have been identified, which are prioritized in all subject areas:

  • Leadership
  • Global awareness
  • Design and building
  • Public speaking
  • Outdoor education
  • Environmental stewardship
  • Technology
  • Literacy and language

Each grade participates in an interdisciplinary environmental inquiry. Here, the students identify and investigate an issue, generate questions and explain its significance. Students will recognize and express their own perspective, examine others’ perspectives and explain the impact of cultural interactions. Students then communicate their ideas in a variety of ways with diverse audiences. Finally students take action by translating their ideas into appropriate action to improve conditions.

Global Leadership in Junior School culminates in a Grade 5 project – My Key Idea – where students take what they have learned through their research and prepare a public speech advocating for support on a topic of personal significance. Upon completion, they are ready to transition to the Middle School program.

Junior Students holding up their projects
Junior School students in action

Recent topics from My Key Idea projects:

Cyber Bullying
Food Insecurity
Screen Time
Kinetic Energy
Girls' Education
Racial Profiling
Child Poverty in Canada
Dangers of Hacking
Solar Energy
Robots in Hospitals