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Middle School student and teacher

Water Issues Project

Grade 8s explore local and global water issues through film projects

In the week leading up to December’s holiday break, our Grade 8 students were fully immersed in project-based learning. The students were tasked with creating a short public service announcement video to raise awareness for a local or global water issue as they worked towards attaining the Wisdom Pillar of their Global Leadership Program.

With topics ranging from water waste during clothing production to protecting fragile aquatic ecosystems, from the use of plastic water bottles to access to clean water, students collaborated in groups as they moved through a series of workshops that prepared them for their final project, a Public Service Announcement to be presented at our school’s first film festival.

This project began with the students informing themselves about the issue through research. They then used the integrative thinking process, where they break the problem down into two opposing models, finding the pros of both. The goal is to find a middle ground or a solution that best encompasses both sides. 

The Middle School faculty creates a strong connection between this interdisciplinary undertaking and the curriculum. For instance, in math, students worked on data management projects where they researched the impact of water on an issue and then presented their data on a scatter plot or histogram. Students learned how to storyboard so that they would be better prepared for creating their films and how they may look. Faculty also introduced a workshop to assist students in developing their French language interview skills so that the films contained a French component—something few schools in the festival have done.

Our students have expressed that they loved the creative aspects of this project and the focus on being innovative in delivering their message. Working in a team to complete this project helped them build collaborative skills to tackle these challenging issues impacting our community and the world.

Middle School students learning how to use video camera