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Communication Plan

Pickering College is committed to ongoing and complete communication with our community with respect to the COVID-19 pandemic. Communication will include education and notification of changes and expectations. All community communication will be posted on the COVID-19 page of the Pickering College website.

Daily Symptom Screening

As per the Ontario Ministry of Health all students and staff and required to have a Daily COVID-19 Screening done prior to the start of each school day. We use the REACH Boarding App to do the screening of all students and staff. Students and staff are guided through the government questions and provided with instructions based on the absence or presence of symptoms consistent with COVID-19. The screening is assessed each day by both the Health Centre and Attendance Administrator. Anyone who answers yes to any of the symptoms is contacted by the Health Centre for further assessment and provided with instructions.

Infection Prevention and Control

Ongoing communication with the community is important in the fight against COVID-19. Pickering College will continue to communicate regularly through biweekly newsletters, targeted communication, PC Connects and the website that contains the complete safety plan for parents/custodians and students as well as important Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health and Public Health updates.

Training and Education

All school employees are required to:

  • Review the school’s Safety Plan and all periodic updates/notices as distributed by the Emergency Response Team/Director, Human Resources
  • Participate in any hands-on or virtual training or education sessions as required
  • Complete and submit an online form (Permission Click) confirming that they have reviewed and will follow all requirements provided for in the school’s Safety Plan.
  • Comply with the School’s mandatory vaccine policy.

Protocol for Communicating Outbreaks of COVID-19

Pickering College has established a protocol for communicating outbreaks of COVID-19 to the entire school community. In coordination with York Region Public Health, the school will prepare and distribute a message to parents, students and staff if a class, cohort, specific members of a cohort, or the school should be closed for in-person classes for a period of time, while maintaining the confidentiality of the ill individual. A message will be posted on our COVID-19 webpage and signage will be placed at the entrance of the school as advised by Public Health. Other media will be considered as needed. The school will monitor community feedback (social media, emails, media coverage, etc.) and develop appropriate responses if needed. At the direction of York Region Public Health, the school will prepare and distribute a message to parents, students and staff when a class, cohort or the school resumes in-person classes.

Protocol for Notifying Relevant Authorities

Families who breach the Quarantine Act 14-day self isolation will be reported to the Ontario Public Health Authority (1-866-797-0000) and the local law enforcement and will not be permitted to move into boarding as pre-arranged or attend in-person classes.

Any positive cases of COVID-19 during the self-isolation period will be reported to York Region Public Health and the Ministry of Education.