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COVID-19 Assessment Centres

York Region Public Health has given the Pickering College Health Centre permission to be a COVID-19 test collection site for the international boarding students. COVID-19 tests will be done by the nurses and sent to LifeLabs for testing. It takes approximately 48-72 hours to get the results back.

In the event that international students require testing and the school is unable to conduct the test, they will be escorted to visit the nearest testing centre/pharmacy for testing. Day students who require testing are advised to go to their nearest testing centre/pharmacy.

Arrangements will be made to transport international students and their immediate co-arriving family members for testing with Pickering College transportation. COVID-19 protocols will be followed. Drivers and passengers are required to wear provided PPE, sanitize their hands and sit physically distanced from the driver. In the buses the driver sits behind a Plexiglas barrier.