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COVID-19 Testing for Institutions Welcoming International/Domestic Students from Outside Canada

Plans for testing international students prior to completion of their 14-day quarantine period

Protocols for implementing COVID-19 testing

Students participating in the PC quarantine program will undergo COVID-19 testing (NP Swab) on day eight of the isolation period to ensure the results are available before moving into boarding. Students will also have a test done if they exhibit any symptoms, as per the medical directive of the school doctor.

Students who have an off-campus arrangement for quarantine with a Custodian or family member are required to check in with the Health Centre on a daily basis via phone/email to ensure there is a daily monitoring of their health status. Students in Canada will have virtual access to the Pickering College Health Centre staff. International students and their co-arriving families can get tested at GTA Testing Sites.

Any positive cases of COVID-19 during the self-isolation period will be reported to York Region Public Health and the Ministry of Education.

Plans for transportation to site when testing does not place in the same site as the quarantine

Should there be a situation where testing could not be done at the same place as the quarantine, students and immediate co-arriving family members would be instructed to ensure the use of appropriate PPE and to make an appointment with the testing site and to travel there in a private vehicle.

Arrangements will be made to transport international students and their immediate co-arriving family members for testing with Pickering College transportation. COVID-19 protocols will be followed. Driver/designate and passengers are required to wear provided PPE, sanitize their hands and sit physically distanced from the driver. In the buses the driver sits behind a Plexiglas barrier.