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Outbreak and Case Management Plan

Our Commitment

Pickering College is committed to cooperating with and assisting York Region Public Health with their investigation and management in the event of an outbreak.

Working with York Region Public Health

If there is a confirmed case of COVID-19 (either reported to Pickering College “Attendance” or the Health Centre) the Health Centre staff will report it to York Region Public Health by completing the Diseases of Public Health Significance (Reportable Diseases) Notification Form – External and faxing it to 905-898-5213. Public Health will provide significant guidance on next steps.

Students will be have an individualized virtual learning plan created. The affected class(es) may be closed and then thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before they can be used again. The details of the students identified as close contacts will come from York Region Public Health.

Pickering College will work closely with York Region Public Health. Factors for consideration will include closeness and extent of contact, severity of symptoms, and vaccination status which will determine how YRPH manages any cases. Public Health will monitor the cases and will advise if it is a cohort, a division or the whole school that is affected. York Region Public Health will determine if a class/school or part of the school would need to close. This information will be communicated to families under the direction of YRPH via the Emergency Response Team and Communications Department.

Pickering College will assist York Region Public Health in contact tracing by providing all necessary information including, but not limited to:

  • Before and Aftercare Attendance
  • Daily attendance
  • Cohort groups
  • Class lists
  • Classroom seating plans
  • Dining Hall Seating Plans (Senior School)
  • Transportation schedule and bus seating plans
  • Health Centre Attendance
  • Health Centre visits for the preceding 48 hours
  • Health Centre log of COVID-19 like symptoms and follow-up document
  • Visitor log including contact information
  • Contractor log including contact information
  • Staff attendance – Admin staff sign in and out log
  • Faculty schedules
  • Facilities services cleaning schedules/logs
  • Required contact information

Disinfecting of areas recently used by the affected individual will be initiated.


Pickering College has identified Laura Mason R.N., Director of Boarding and Health Services as the liaison who will act as the point person with relevant authorities (e.g., EDU, York Region Public Health, etc). Laura Mason can be reached via email lmason@pickeringcollege.on.ca, Cell phone (905) 955-3655 or office phone (905) 895-1700 ext. 267.