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Building Setup & School-Owned Vehicles

directional floor signage

Building Setup

  • Campus building and residences are set up to promote physical distancing and good hygiene.
  • Classrooms have surplus teaching material, plush fabric items and unnecessary furniture either removed or gathered in one area.
  • Physical distancing markers (stickers) are in areas where there might be line ups – Reception, Dining Hall, Guidance etc.
  • Directional signage is up in the hallways
  • Excess furniture will either be removed or taped off
  • Chairs in common areas have been removed, or signs will be used on seats to indicate they should not be used to maintain physical distancing
  • Corridors will be one way on each side indicated with arrow markers. Everyone will be reminded to always keep to the right. Signage will be placed throughout the buildings.
  • Signage will be placed throughout the campus to remind students, faculty and staff about new protocols
  • Sanitizer stations have been placed at each entrance and in each classroom and office
  • As good ventilation reduces the potential for COVID-19 transmission – all classrooms, offices and dorm rooms will have their windows open for part of the day
  • Where possible natural ventilation should be maximized by opening the doors and windows to periodically change the air
  • In all learning spaces with recirculated air, we have replaced the air filter media with Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) 13 media rating
  • All learning spaces, offices and residence rooms have had a HEPA air purifier installed. Filters are checked and changed regularly
  • The staff room – \ Coffee/tea and snack service will be provided in the Dining Hall by Aramark according to their protocols
  • Water fountains have had the fountain disconnected and are available for “water bottle filling” only
  • Stairwell A is designated for Middle School, Stairwell B is designated for Senior School and Stairwell C is designated for Junior School to keep cohorts from mixing

Transportation/Buses and School-Owned Vehicles

School vehicles can operate at full capacity. Vehicles for elementary students should reduce capacity where possible. Each school vehicle is equipped with hand sanitizer, masks and gloves for the driver.                   

Maintenance and Operations of Vehicles

  • Staff driving school vehicles are required to disinfect the high-touch areas (handles, steering wheel etc.) before and after using them.
  • Drivers will continue to be assigned their own bus and will limit possible switching of buses or small vehicles as much as possible.
  • Hand washing is available in the staff washroom in Egan House as well as hand sanitizer in the driver’s GO Bag.
  • Each driver will have a GO Bag with a supply of hand sanitizer, disposable gloves, disinfectant wipes, tissue and paper towel. Drivers are responsible for requesting additional supplies as needed and can request other items they figure they will need.
  • The GO Bag will not stay in the bus when it is not in service. A GO Bag will be assigned for each driver. The GO Bag for the three small school vehicles will be kept in the Satellite Health Centre and can be picked up by staff prior to departure.
  • Each driver will be required to wear a mask when passengers are on the bus/minivan.
  • Each Pickering College bus has had a barrier installed which isolates the driver from the passengers.
  • Of note the air conditioning system on the buses uses fresh air from outside, not recycled air. The small vehicles (SUV, Minivan, Pickup truck) should be set to use fresh air.
  • All drivers are encouraged to open front windows to allow for air circulation as weather permits.
  • Passengers are not permitted to use the front co-pilot seat in either buses or the small vehicles – van etc.
  • Drivers will be required to keep a seating chart of all students taking transportation in case it is needed for contact tracing. Seating chart records must be maintained for the 30 days after the end of the school year.
  • Drivers are responsible for a full deep cleaning of the vehicle at the end of each shift each day. Drivers will use Benefect – Decon 30 – Botanical (natural disinfectant) to clean down the surfaces. The cleaner will be in a hand pump sprayer and ready to use. The cleaner will be stored in Egan House in the Janitorial Closet. Botanical cleaner refill jug does not need to be diluted (it is supplied in a ready to use format). Please refer to the SDS and the website for more information
  • Drivers are required to wear a mask and gloves when spraying cleaner on bus surfaces. This cleaner is safe for the door handles and exterior of the bus.
  • Gloves and masks will be disposed of in bus garbage and bus garbage will be emptied after each shift
  • Drivers will wear gloves when fueling up school vehicles

Bus cleaning involves the following surfaces:

  • Seats
  • Inside hand railing
  • Floors
  • Interior windows and wall section below passenger windows
  • Inside and outside door handles (including manual control for service door)
  • Inside door grab handles, pads and armrests
  • Keys
  • Steering wheel
  • Shift leaver and console
  • Dashboard
  • Turn signal and wiper stalks
  • Seat and seat adjuster
  • Any other part that are commonly used and that may have been touched

Protection for Students using school transportation

  • Students and staff will sanitize their hands at the time they are entering the bus/school vehicle and when they are departing
  • Loading of the bus – students and staff will load the bus from the back to the front
  • Unloading of the bus – students and staff will off-load the bus from the front to rear
  • Small vehicles/minivan – drivers will wear medical grade masks when students are in the small vehicles

Small vehicles/minivan COVID safety practices

  • Drivers will pick up a GO bag from Reception
  • Front seat will remain empty
  • Driver will wear a mask
  • Driver will sanitize/wash hands before driving
  • Passengers will have a mask provided if they do not have one
  • Passengers will sanitize their hands before they enter and exit the vehicle
  • At the end of the trip drivers will disinfect the interior of the vehicle with Benefect – Decon 30 which is stored in the Egan House Janitorial Closet