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Food Services

Food dish made by Aramark

All food handling and preparation will be done by Aramark staff according to their COVID-19 safety protocols which must meet Government of Ontario standards, Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act and The Government of Canada Food Safety standards.

Preparation of meals for boarding students will be overseen by the Director of Food Services and the Aramark staff who are trained in current Food Safe practices and COVID-19 changes. No food sharing is permitted.

The Dining Hall capacity has been arranged to allow for two metre distancing between cohorts. Grades 6-12 will eat in the Dining Hall at designated times in their grade cohort. As much distancing as possible will be encouraged within cohorts.

Each table sign has a red and green side. When the table has been used the sign should be turned to the red side to indicate to Facilities Services that it needs to be cleaned. When Facilities Services has cleaned and sanitized the table, they will turn the table number sign to the green side.