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Senior School science student and teacher

Grades 9-12

Senior School prepares students for university and a life of purpose

Pickering College’s Senior School program prepares students for university while also encouraging them to make a difference in the world as ethical, compassionate, and values-based decision-makers. Students are provided with numerous opportunities to link their learning and skills across disciplines and apply their knowledge in real-world settings. Pickering College offers a wide array of courses from the Ontario Curriculum, consistently regarded as one of the most rigorous and progressive in the world, which are enriched by STEM and AP course options as well. Using the latest technology, including tablet PCs and web-based learning tools, the academic curriculum focuses on excellence and innovation while ensuring students have a solid understanding of key concepts and skills in core subjects.

Students also have countless opportunities to participate in activities to develop leadership skills, a community service ethic, sport and athletic abilities, and their passion for the arts. At PC, we see these experiences as central to the development of the whole child, enhancing their creativity, confidence and perseverance, as well as the development of their communication, collaboration and critical thinking skills; all of which supports their academic and personal success.

The Advisor Program at Pickering College directly contributes to the school’s mission to be a leader in education. With a focus on individualized attention, each Senior School student is assigned a Faculty Advisor, creating a four-year mentoring relationship that inspires students to become enlightened citizens who meet high standards for lifelong growth and learning.