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Senior School science student and teacher

Advisor Program in Senior School

Joseph McCulley, our Headmaster from 1927 to 1948, was revolutionary in the field of education. Among his many innovations, the Advisor Program was created to increase the sense of personalized education and community that still exists at Pickering College today. Advisors connect with their advisees personally, maintain a close relationship with parents and create that home-away-from-home feeling that is such an important support to our many international students.

Development of the whole person is at the forefront of the Advisor Program. In addition to academic success, discussions and activities focus on leading a well-balanced life, making healthy choices, managing stress, our Quaker heritage, and giving back to the community.

The principal role of the advisor is to get to know the advisees in a more holistic and personal way than would usually happen in any one classroom. Advisor groups meet daily during Morning Meeting, share family-style lunches together three times per week and have biweekly, 30-minute team building and goal-setting meetings. This regular interaction and collaboration enable advisors to understand the aptitudes, interests, and abilities of each student, enabling them to provide the tailored support required for success in the Senior School.

Advisors also help advisees to refine decision-making skills as they relate to the future education and career plans, instil confidence and a growth mindset in their advisees and encourage them to take control of their academic success. The advisor plays an important complementary role to the school’s Guidance Counsellors and acts as a further source of information, experience and emotional support.

The advisor also serves as the point person in the relationship between Pickering College and parents and custodians. Parents can contact advisors whenever they have questions or when they have information to share. Our experienced advisors can provide those answers or connect parents with other staff and faculty in the school for additional assistance.