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faculty and students in group learning session


Interdisciplinary Learning in Science, Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)

Middle School

The Middle School provides students with the opportunity to expand their knowledge by focusing on inquiry and experimentation. Students experience deep interdisciplinary learning with activities such as the WaterDocs Action Project. This is an inquiry-based action project that uses filmmaking about local water issues. Students must integrate their learning from Science, Geography, Language, Math, Arts and Technology to complete the project. They also build and wire a model house to demonstrate their understanding of electricity and energy. Research is emphasized in all of the grades and some of the lessons are taught outdoors. Middle School students are able to use Senior School laboratory facilities to complete more complex labs and they are encouraged to learn through experimentation while they analyze data and develop conclusions based on their own work.

Senior School

Students in the Senior School are taught STEM through engaging, meaningful real world issues. They are encouraged to develop creative and innovative solutions to problems in a collaborative environment.

In Mathematics, the Grade 9 program is offered in a blended-learning model, incorporating online learning with class time. There is also the Enhanced Math Program for those who benefit from an accelerated pace of learning.

Other highlights in the Senior School include participating in the Big Data Challenge for high school students and various math contests.

In Science classes, students are challenged to build generators, catapults, wind or water turbines and complete DNA extraction labs to study genetically modified organisms. Students also have the option of participating in Lego robotics for their co-curricular program.