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ESL Campers in Niagara Falls


What people are saying about the ESL Camp

I found the experience to help Mr. Sturrup at the radio station was very fun and interesting to see how a radio station works. I could chose the music and speak live on air. My parents also said that 102.7 Chop FM is the best radio because it shows children how the radio works and let them also speak on the radio. I will miss the radio and Mr. Sturrup so much I hope that I can come back and I will listen in Germany only 102.7 Chop FM.

-Bennet from Germany

My experience was pretty great, we had a lot of activities and trips that were so fun and interesting, I know a lot of things about Canada now and that’s amazing. I will recommend this camp to my friends because it's worth every single moment, here the people are super nice. I won’t forget this experience because it helps me growing as a student but also as a being woman, which is really important for me.

-Francesca from Italy

My summer at Pickering College was an unforgettable one; the counsellors were enthusiastic and energetic, but also really understanding. I’ve made long-lasting friendships and memories. I wish I could stay here forever.

-Anne-Maaike Klein from Holland

Coming to Pickering College was definitely an awesome decision, you get the opportunity of improving your English while getting to know people your age around the world, also you visit Canada and immerse in their unique culture. Coming to Pickering College will be unforgettable to you, definitely recommended.

- Alin Rivas from Mexico

If you want to have once in a lifetime experience, Pickering College is the right place for you. If you want to keep something to remember, Pickering College is the right place. But most of all you will end up forming a family of great people, creating memories and you will always have something that was worthy and that it will remain forever.

- Paulina Cruz from Mexico

I enjoyed my time at Pickering College because I could have fun and improve my English at the same time, with interesting classes, awesome trips and making friends. It was an unique experience in a life time and I am sure I will never forget the time I had at Pickering College

- Ana Pereira from Brazil

My experience at Pickering College was great, I had a lot of fun and everyone is really nice. The teachers and counsellors are really great. They are funny, generous and helpful. The activities are nice, entertaining, active and never boring.

- Alvaro Lopez from Argentina

I had a very good time at Pickering College, it was just so fun. People from all over the world come to the camp, activities were very interesting and Canadian. Four weeks just went so fast. The counsellors and teacher were kind, funny and helpful. This camp is great!

- Jeffery Cuo from China

During my time at Pickering College, I had a great experience. We did all sort of activities, the classes were really educational and fun, I never got bored, there was always something to do. The camp gave me a good idea on how beautiful Canada is.

- Abdulaziz Alvamlah from Saudi Arabia

My experience with the Pickering College English as a Second Language Program has been nothing but astounding. Working as an English as a Second Language teacher this past summer provided me with the opportunity to work with students from around the world at a close and personal level. With no more than sixteen students in each class, the English as a Second Language teachers feel that they are able to work one-on-one with students to improve all aspects of their English reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. I can say that I am proud of every one of my summer students.

The program is inquiry based with an emphasis on collaboration and group learning. With a focus this summer on the European Cup and the summer Olympics, we were able to involve sports from around the world to engage our students with real life practices in the classroom. I have seen students grow in both their social and academic abilities and have never met a more amazing group of inspirational, international students.

- Ashley, ESL Teacher