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Accommodation & Facilities

School Facilities

The playing fields, gymnasium, and sports equipment are available for your use during leisure times. You will have an active time this summer. Informal soccer, volleyball, basketball, ball-hockey, and ultimate Frisbee games will be available during your leisure time.

Firth House is the female residence. It is out of bounds to males at all times. New House is the male residence and it is out of bounds to females at all times. Students MAY NOT invite or entertain guests of either gender (who are not registered in the program) in their rooms.

There are Common Rooms in each residence for relaxation and socializing. Each Common Room has a television. Common Rooms may be used during free time after all school obligations are met. The main rule of the Common Rooms is “English only is spoken.”

Your Room

Your room will be a twin bed-study room. There are two students in most rooms. The Summer ESL Program does not just teach English in the classroom. The trips and social interaction help to enhance your learning. With this in mind, we encourage students to room with someone who does not speak their own language. However, depending on enrolment, it may occur that a student will share a room with another student from the same country.

Each student will have a bed, desk, chair, lamp, bookshelf and cupboard with a dresser and drawers.

Bathroom Facilities

Students on each floor of the residence share bathroom facilities. Toilets, sinks and showers are available in both male and female residences.

Laundry and Housekeeping

You are responsible for your own laundry and for cleaning your clothes. Free washers, dryers and laundry soap are provided for that purpose. Staff is on hand to help when needed.

You are responsible for making your bed every day, for the good order of your clothing and belongings, and for the general tidiness of your room. The housekeeping staff will vacuum the floor and dust from time-to-time if your room is in good order. The housekeeping staff will be pleased to help you with any problems regarding your room or your clothing if you politely ask them for help.


While you are staying at Pickering College you will be able to use the internet during specified hours, and only on school computers, to email your family and friends. You must sign the internet contract before arriving at Pickering College regardless of whether or not you plan to use it.

You MAY NOT bring your own laptop!


In the event of an emergency at home, a message in English can be left for you with the Summer ESL Program Director at: 1-905-895-1700. When answered by the automated attendant, press 401. This is not a campus phone to which you have access but the voice mail on this line is checked frequently and the message will be passed along.

There are telephones on each floor in the residence. You will have to phone home after arrival to advise your family of the number where you can be reached. The times that you are available to receive calls will change from day to day so it will be easiest if you plan to call home.