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Thinking Bootcamp:

Integrative Thinking in the Classroom

Enabling metacognition and creative problem solving in our classrooms and schools
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Integrative Thinking is a problem solving methodology first written about in the Opposable Mind by Roger Martin. It is built on the insight that divergent ideas can be leveraged to create innovative solutions. 

The Integrative Thinking toolbox uses frameworks developed by academics, across fields to support students to think about their thinking and creating better models. Originally created for executives and leaders, educators across K-12 have become the pedagogical innovators who have shaped the tools to enhance their practice and student learning.

Join colleagues across grades and subject areas to explore concrete tools to bring 21st century learning, skills and mindsets to life – on the first day of school! 

Join us for this hands-on professional learning experience that you can implement the first day of school


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This program is for educators looking for:


  • Concrete ways to support students in thinking about their thinking and bringing real-life problem solving into the classroom 
  • Tools create interdisciplinary, problem-based learning experiences for their students 
  • Learning experiences connected to their school’s strategy
As a participant you will:
  • Understand the theories that underlie Integrative Thinking – including behavioral economics, decision theory and systems thinking
  • Learn by doing lessons that teachers have used in their classrooms
  • See the application of the tools in K-12 classrooms, across subject areas and global competencies
  • Hear from students about the impact of Integrative Thinking on their learning and life
  • Pair with a mentor for four remote check-ins during the school year
Program structure:

This program is two consecutive days of learning, followed by four check-ins during the school year.

  • Two-day in-person program is a hands-on experience with the tools of Integrative Thinking, using lessons that teachers have created for their classrooms
  • The check-ins will be led by educators and used to workshop ideas that you have for your classrooms