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Students playing instruments


The Arts at Pickering College are an integral part of the school’s history and enjoy a central place in our current academic offerings. Pickering College has a vibrant, varied and exciting Arts Program featuring expert instructors and arts professionals. We recognize the integral role the arts play within society, and how they are a demonstration of our shared humanity and enable students to find and express their own voice through various media. As well, our projects are aligned to support and enhance our Global Leadership Program – The arts offer many opportunities for integration with other courses and learning opportunities.


Actors enjoy hands-on involvement in producing and performing several dramatic, musical and comedic productions within the school and in drama festivals. 


Students can explore their love for music and instrumental talents through a variety of offerings, including music production, concert band, jazz, and wind ensembles and vocal groups. Our ensembles enjoy individual and group instruction while performing at school events as well as local, national and international venues. 

Visual Arts

Our Visual Arts Program balances theory with instruction in various techniques, including sculpture, painting, drawing, photography, and computer animation. Along with studio activities and opportunities to exhibit their work, students also learn art history and visit prominent galleries, such as the Art Gallery of Ontario.

Communications Technology

Students are given hands-on production experience with various media and film creation. Our Radio Broadcasting students air daily on our very own radio station, 102.7 CHOP FM, which broadcasts locally.

Our graduates have pursued post-secondary studies in fields such as film studies, music, communications, fine arts, fashion & design, as well as architecture. What truly makes our program successful is that we are able to help students realize the significance of the arts within our society and to instil within them a respect for the arts. Our students develop creative and imaginative insights, analytical and critical thinking skills that will transcend all facets of their personal and professional lives, and assist them in their future pursuits.