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Senior boys playing soccer


Competitive Athletics

Building a sense of teamwork and school spirit is an important learning opportunity that can be enhanced through appropriate competition. Therefore, the school is committed to building competitive athletic programs where students are provided with increasing levels of competition as they move through the Junior School to the Senior School in a way that supports their skill development, commitment and sportsmanship. Emphasis is placed on developing fundamental movement skills, cooperation, teamwork and fair play. Therefore, some of our competitive athletic teams welcome developing players that show potential. Through coaching, guidance, and effort, we hope to encourage students to challenge themselves to be their best, and to grow in their development.

Pickering College offers an extensive range of athletic facilities across its 42-acre campus, including: a baseball diamond, two gymnasiums, an indoor ice arena, a surfaced running track, four playing fields and a fitness centre.

Competitive Coaching and Expert Instruction

Many of our Pickering College coaches are National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) qualified and take advantage of the professional development that is offered every year. We believe strongly in our teachers coaching because of the relationships that are created and the school spirit that it brings. We also hire expert coaches in some of our co-curricular programs such as figure skating, equestrian, and hockey.

Student Athletic Achievement

Our athletics program is designed to balance academic studies with healthy physical activity. The results of participation in our programs are apparent in students’ increased confidence, improved health and energy levels. We encourage our athletes to compete through the joy of effort. Throughout the year, all competitive athletes are honoured at special events and given recognition with various awards at the end of each season.


Competitive Teams