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Debate team group photo in front of Pillars


Students on PC’s Debate Team prime themselves to give informed speeches on political issues we face in today’s society. The major difference between the Polikon Society of today and that of 40 years ago is that the current team has gained Pickering College a full-fledged membership in the CIS Fulford Debate League. Pickering College competes at local, national and international public speaking and debate competitions throughout the school year, including:

SCS Impromptu Debating Tournament
Toronto, ON

Fall Fulford Debate
Toronto, ON

Independent Schools' Public Speaking Competition
Vancouver, BC

University of Toronto School (UTS) Junior Debate and Public Speaking Tournament
Toronto, ON

Winter Fulford Debate
Toronto, ON

Kaufman Cup
Toronto, ON

Ontario Student Debating Union Junior Provincial Championship
Toronto, ON

Queen's National High School Debating Championships
Kingston, ON

Spring Fulford Debate
Toronto, ON

World Individual Debating and Public Speaking Championship
Sydney, Australia

Junior High Speech Nationals
Vancouver, BC

Senior School Debate team member qualifies for Worlds - again! 

The success of the Polikon Society continued in Winnipeg during the National Public Speaking Championships this in December 2019. Maddy Rickman 20’ and Katherine Starr 20’ had both qualified earlier in the year to represent Ontario and later competing against the top 45 public speaking students in the country. After the first round of the competition, Maddy qualified for finals in Interpretive Reading with the poem "Perfect", finishing in 9th place overall! Katherine qualified for finals in Impromptu Speaking and Persuasive Speaking where she finished 6th and 9th place respectively. Based on her cumulative score in all four categories, Katherine finished 9th place overall in the competition and was chosen to represent Canada at the World Individual Debating and Public Speaking Championships. This is the second year in a row that Katherine has qualified for Team Canada.

Katherine qualifies for Worlds in debate competition