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Class of 1842 Nomination

The "Class of 1842" is the highest honour that Pickering College awards to alumni, former faculty and staff.

“The Class of 1842” is a group of individuals who are honoured, recognized and appreciated by Pickering College for their service beyond Pickering, achievement in various field of endeavour, and/ or their contribution to education. This is the highest honour that the school awards to Pickering’s alumni, and former faculty or staff who distinguish themselves. This award also recognizes those whose accomplishments provide inspiration and reflect the values of the school.


There was no leaving class in 1842, since the school was established in the fall of that year.  The purpose in creating a first class many years later is to provide an appropriate mechanism to:

  • Honour individuals whose lives reflect the ideal of service to the community, the nation or the world;
  • Recognize outstanding achievement of individuals whose contributions to the arts, the sciences, the social sciences, humanities or commerce represent significant advances in human thought or endeavour; and/ or
  • Appreciate individuals whose service to education at a Canadian school, college or university is so exemplary that it is a significant milestone either in the development of that institution or is of national or international impact.


To be elected to “The Class of 1842” an individual shall be proposed in confidence by a member of the Pickering College community, in response to a call for nominations from the Head of School. For this purpose, the PC community shall include parents, past parents, alumni, Board members, Corporation members, faculty and staff.

A maximum of three nominees may be elected to “The Class of 1842” in any one year.  There will not necessarily be a recipient in every year. Normally “The Class of 1842” Award is not given posthumously or in absentia. Pickering College is committed to diversity and seeks candidates to reflect that commitment.

Proposed candidates will be reviewed and recommended candidates forwarded to faculty and staff for selection, and will be considered elected if there is a consensus.  If not elected in a particular year, nominees may remain in the pool of nominees for future consideration for up to three years.


It is anticipated that the award will be presented at a ceremony at the school, which may be held in conjunction with another school event.

Submit a Nomination

Your submission will be directed in confidence to the Nominating Committee of the Board of Directors.