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Alumni Keystone Award

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Established in 2023, the Alumni Keystone Award recognizes the outstanding contributions Pickering College young alumni make in their fields to leave our world greater, better and more beautiful than they discovered it.

A keystone is the wedge-shaped piece at the crown of the arch, something on which associated pieces depend on for support.  Similarly, our young alumni are emerging community leaders who others depend on for inspiration, guidance and action.

The Alumni Keystone Award will be presented at the school in the Spring of 2024.


The nominated individual will:

  • Demonstrate excellence in their field of endeavour, either in their career or in a volunteer service, striving for mastery and continued life-long learning, exemplifying: “Learning for Life. Creating the Future.”
  • Demonstrate Quaker values, supporting the vision and mission of the Global Leadership Program, to be: “creative, innovative and courageous agents of ethical and positive change, true to Quaker values.”
  • Be at minimum 5 years out since having graduated from Pickering College, or if they left the school before graduation, be affiliated with a class year that graduated in 2019 or earlier.
  • Be younger than 35 years old, or be a member of the Class of 2007 - Class of 2019.

For example:

  • They have demonstrated that their current work has- or will have- the potential to advance the field they are in (e.g. ground-breaking research, innovation that could include the creation of new products, frameworks for improved delivery models of services, taking action on a particular problem, etc.).
  • They have mentored and continue to mentor individuals within their field, further expanding their knowledge and advancing their field by supporting and inspiring others.
  • Their work has had a noticeable influence locally and/or globally.

An individual may be nominated by a member of the Pickering College community. For this purpose, the PC community shall include parents, past parents, alumni, Board members, Corporation members, faculty and staff. Nominations for the 2024 Alumni Keystone Award will be accepted until March 31, 2024.

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Picture of Nico Macias, Class of 2014

Congratulations to Nico Macias'14, our 2023 Alumni Keystone Award Recipient.

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