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West Lake House Updates

Construction Puma

Follow along to watch the building's progress! 


We are excited about what this visionary build will mean for our students, our programs for the entire Pickering College community. We invite you to learn more about West Lake House. 

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Watch: Steel Beam Installation

Steel work began in the fall at West Lake House. Steel beams were lifted into place and the frame of the new building is beginning to take shape. Structural work will continue throughout the spring with the installation of timber beams and structural walls. You can watch a short video of the steel work here. 

Watch: Structural Concrete Pour

Structural work is progressing on site through fall of 2023. The first foundation walls of West Lake House have gone up over the fall, with rebar in place and concrete pouring for the footings and south and east walls. You can watch a short video of one of the concrete pours here

Watch: Cistern Installation

Over the summer of 2023, construction focused on site services. A cistern was installed to capture rain water run-off from the building which will be used to water the grounds, one of many sustainable initiatives of this project. You can watch a short video of the cistern installation here

Images are updated throughout the day.

West Lake House

Our new academic building

West Lake House incorporates our approach to teaching and learning in its architecturally innovative design. To be constructed on the north end of the campus, at approximately 50,000 sq. ft., West Lake House will almost double the amount of classroom space we have at Pickering College and will include:

  • A full Junior School Wing including classrooms and a dedicated art room
  • Junior Learning Commons (Library)
  • An Arts Wing with specially designed classrooms for music, art and drama
  • A theatre that will allow for a full range of music and drama performances as well as all-school Morning Meetings
  • A new Senior School Science Wing with classrooms for physics, chemistry, biology, STEM initiatives, and Makerspace
  • Middle and Senior School Learning Commons (Library) that will support collaborative creative learning, research and presentations as well as provide social gathering spaces for students
  • The main floor will feature the spaces most accessed by the entire school and the outside community, including the theatre and our radio station 102.7 CHOP FM.

We look forward to not only welcoming students and staff to West Lake House but also having parents, alumni, and the broader community join us for special events. We are excited about what this visionary build will mean for our students, our programs and for the entire Pickering College community.

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