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Holocaust survivor shares his story

We were fortunate to have the opportunity to host guest speaker Andy Réti, a child Holocaust survivor who was born in Hungary in 1942. His poignant presentation provided our students with a first-hand account of the horrors faced by his family at the hands of the Nazis, and the twists of fate that allowed himself and his mother to survive. We are deeply grateful to Andy for sharing his story, and pledge our collective commitment to ensure hate does not grow so that events like the Holocaust never happen again. 

Afterwards, he visited Mr. Thompson’s Grade 10 Canadian History Class for a Q&A with the students. In addition, he presented each student in the class with a copy of his book, Stronger Together, where he inscribed a personalized message – an amazing gesture!

Penguin shelter models on the "beach"

Warming oceans and melting pack ice mean that penguins are losing their habitat and food sources, driving them to leave their nests to cool off in the ocean. To protect the penguin nests, park rangers in Cape Town, South Africa have created semi-enclosed shelters to keep them cool and their eggs safe.

Using this concept as a jumping off point, Grade 10 Science students undertook a design and build challenge that tasked them with creating a hut to help keep penguins cool.

Student holding penguin shelter model

Each student built a model to accommodate an ice cube penguin with an opening large enough for it theoretically to enter and leave by. Students had to take into consideration what they have learned about heat transfer, allowing for radiation, convection, and conduction.

The final products were then placed on a “beach” in an old aquarium with an overhead light to simulate sunlight. The more ice remaining at the end of the test the better the design.

Students with their teacher

Congratulations to our team for their outstanding finish in the final round of the CyberPatriot high school cybersecurity competition.

The team placed 146th out of 1145 teams. It was a true team effort where each member played a crucial role to learn the theory and techniques required for the varying aspects of the competition.

Fred was responsible to finding and fixing vulnerabilities in the Windows Operating System while Chen Liang worked on the Unix Operating System. Krypton Ni took on the role of working with the Microsoft Server platform and Mike Xu researched and answered Cisco networking topics.

Fred and Chen, who are graduating this year, hope that other students get involved with the team next year. It was a realistic and valuable opportunity to see how to manage the network of a small company using industry standard tools and systems.