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Post-Graduate Certificate

Scholarship for External Candidates

Pickering College is thrilled to offer scholarships, made possible by a generous donor, for the Post-Graduate Certificate in Experiential Education and Global Leadership. The school is fully committed to teacher development and the impact this certificate can have on a teacher’s practice in experiential education. Interested educators are invited to learn more and apply. 

Scholarship Application

Pickering College partners with Queen’s University to offer educators a post-graduate certificate in experiential education and global leadership

Thursday, May 4, 2023 (Newmarket, ON): Pickering College is pleased to partner with Queen’s University to offer a new post-graduate certificate for educators. Enrolment opens May 8 for the inaugural session in September, which aims to transform how children are educated, making their learning experiential, purposeful and meaningful.

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Experiential Education and Global Leadership

Queen’s University, in partnership with Pickering College, is proud to offer this Post-Graduate Certificate for educators which aims to transform how we educate children so that their learning is experiential, meaningful, and purposeful.


The Queen’s University Post Graduate Certificate in Experiential Education and Global Leadership will inspire teachers to design student experiential learning that transcends the curriculum, giving students purpose and agency to deeply understand the world around them and effect positive change.


To empower teachers to extend their teaching practices outside of the classroom and into real-world contexts so every student’s learning experience is holistic, purpose driven, and ignites wonder, passion, and curiosity.

Program Outline

By completing five courses as outlined below, educators will earn:

  • two credits toward advanced standing in the Professional Master of Education (PME) program at Queen’s University
  • five additional qualification (AQ) courses for your OCT record
  • the Certificate in Teaching Global Leadership from Pickering College

Register through Queen's University

Teacher reading a book
Our ultimate goal is for every child to have the ability and responsibility to make the world greater, better, and more beautiful than they found it. This echoes the timeless Oath of the Athenian Youth, written over 2000 years ago to inspire young people to engage and effect change within their society.

This certificate was inspired by two leaders in progressive education

Joseph McCulley, Head of School 1927-1948

Joseph McCulley

At Pickering College, Joseph McCulley pioneered a project-oriented approach to education, inspired by John Dewey's philosophy. His belief was that education's primary goal was to prepare individuals to contribute to society, emphasizing the balance between individual and social needs. McCulley's teachings recognized the world's growing interdependence and the significance of a group outlook.

Duncan McArthur

Duncan McArthur courtesy of Queen's University

A distinguished Queen’s University graduate and visionary leader, Duncan McArthur redefined education in Ontario through significant reforms during his tenure as Minister of Education. He streamlined the system, emphasizing political science, philosophy, music, and art, and believed that all students should contribute meaningfully to society. As a faculty member at Queen’s, he held the Douglas Chair in Canadian and Colonial History, and contributed to the publication of many historical documents.


Earn credits to continue your professional development.