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Summer Camp Registration

COVID-19 and Vaccination Policy

We must take every step possible to protect the health and well-being of our campers and staff. Quite simply, getting vaccinated is one of the most important means to combat the severity and impact of COVID-19 in our community. Vaccinations work, they reduce serious illness and hospitalizations, and the side effects are rare and minimal compared to the impact of a COVID-19 infection.

At Pickering College, 100 per cent of our staff are fully vaccinated. All volunteers, visitors and contractors must show proof of being fully vaccinated to be on campus.

In order to attend camp, all eligible campers must be fully vaccinated (as per Health Canada) 14 days before the beginning of their session.

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campers running through the field and jumping
campers painting a banner
campers holding a frog
camper holds his painted art project
campers making Inukshuks
campers enjoying nature
group of campers working on a banner
Girl holds up wooden craft
camper is working on art project in the grass
Outdoor team building activities
camper holding a grasshopper on her finger
young campers waving
two campers digging through sand
campers at Blue & Silver Farm