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Giving to the Library Tribute Program

Over the past decade, the Library Tribute Program has resulted in over $15,000 of new resources for the Learning Commons at Pickering College. The program offers families the opportunity to celebrate special occasions, such as birthdays or graduations, by making a donation in honour of their child. Families may also show their appreciation for teachers, coaches or other members of the PC community, through gifts in gratitude. These special donations are a meaningful way to say thank you to the people who have helped shape a student’s PC experience.

When you make a gift in gratitude, we will send a tribute card to the individual letting them know you have supported the Library Tribute Program in their honour. The amount of your donation will not be disclosed.

By making a donation to the Library Tribute Program, you are investing in the ongoing development of collections crucial for our students’ learning, research and enjoyment of reading. The Learning Commons at Pickering College serves the entire school community. It is an academic resource centre supporting the classroom and individual pursuits of students and teachers. The space facilitates dynamic learning experiences that utilize the best available resources, technologies, strategies and learning environments. Your donation ensures our physical and virtual collections meet the evolving needs of our Junior, Middle, and Senior School students.

If you would like to learn more about the Library Tribute Program or how your donations make a difference for the Learning Commons, please contact us at giving@pickeringcollege.on.ca.

Junior School reading buddies sharing a book together



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