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PC Power of Community

As weeks become months, the COVID-19 pandemic is taking its dreadful toll. At Pickering College, we have been saddened to hear from several families who have lost their jobs, others are desperately trying to hold their businesses together, and many are assessing their financial situation, looking for ways to cut expenses. For several, this has raised the question of whether they can afford to continue sending their children to Pickering College. Families who have supported Pickering College for years are now at risk of not being able to return.

To address this heartbreaking challenge, the Pickering College Board of Directors launched a community-wide COVID-19 relief fund, called PC Power of Community. The money raised has one specific purpose – to support families facing economic hardship to send their children to Pickering College for the next academic year.

The need is real and it is urgent. Let’s keep our community together and continue our legacy of compassion and care.

Every gift, no matter how small, has impact. Every gift will help our community stay together.


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