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Tax Advantages

Take Advantage of Tax Advantages of Making a Gift of Securities to Pickering College!

A $10,000 cash gift a gift through the sale of a $10,000 gift of appreciated securities (stocks, mutual funds, bonds) both generate the same charitable tax credit. But if you transfer publicly-traded stocks, bonds or mutual fund shares in-kind to make your gift, you will receive an additional tax benefit. The federal budget announced the elimination of capital gains tax on gifts of securities, effective May 2, 2006.

When you transfer gifts of securities to Pickering College, you receive a donation receipt for the fair market value on the date of transfer without triggering capital gains tax. If you were to sell securities and gift the proceeds, 50% of the gain would be taxable.

The Impact: You receive a larger tax credit if you do not sell your stock before giving the proceeds to Pickering College.

See an example of a gift of securities.

Your gift of securities is valued as of the day the securities reach our account, if your broker transfers them electronically or, the postmark date, if you mail them. Your gift value is the average of the high and the low prices for the securities on that date (for mutual fund shares, it is the net asset value).

Please keep in mind that Pickering College's fiscal year runs from July 1 - June 30. For donations to be credited in the current calendar year, please make sure to send your gift by December 31st of that year.

Contact Development to learn more about this exciting opportunity to save while supporting Pickering College.