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What our students say

Pickering helped me to discover my values

“Being at Pickering helped me to discover my values and who I am. The feeling of community you get when you study here is incomparable. I have never seen that type of community in another school. The Career Studies course in Grade 10 was a great aid when choosing my career path. Lots of activities and events make Pickering College really enjoyable.“

Carlos, '16, MEXICO

A fun, exciting and inspiring place to be

"I have had a lot of opportunities like trips, sports and leadership roles. PC offers a wide variety of activities that try to make us self-propelled, self-controlled and self-guiding people who will be able to accept the
challenges of life without hesitation. Since Pickering College is a diverse school, being a boarder has improved my integration with other nationalities. I have been able to communicate and bond with different students from different grades and nationalities through classes, co-curricular activities, advisor meetings, advisor lunch and clubs. PC is just a fun, exciting and inspiring place to be.”

Josephine, '16, SIERRA LEONE

A second home for all of us

“At PC, I have achieved my academic goals and also developed my life skills, leadership and global view. The whole community always stays together and supports each other like a huge family. I believe that PC is a good choice, the right place to discover your aptitude, develop your abilities and improve your academic performance; it’s not only a school, but a second home for all of us.”

Joe '15, CHINA

My experience at PC has been exceptional

“Pickering has allowed me to participate in trips, teams and clubs that wouldn’t have been available to me at other schools. The academic extra help that is provided to us has helped me tremendously. So far, I feel that my involvement in the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award and the Global Leadership Program helped me when applying to universities. Pickering College is a small community of friendly and helpful people. They are all constantly influencing you to choose the right path and to be aware of your future goals. My experience at PC has been exceptional.”

Alex, '17, CANADA

So many different cultures in one place

“People say that school is your second home. For me, being that I’m far away from Mexico, PC feels like home. You sometimes can’t actually believe so much kindness could have ever surrounded you. I don’t know lots of schools that have such a big diversity of cultures like PC. Just this year there are students from Italy, Nigeria, China, Mexico, Colombia, Japan, Korea, Venezuela, Barbados, Spain, Germany, Russia, Sierra Leone, Singapore and so on – how amazing is it to get to know so many different cultures in one place?!”

Nadia, '16, MEXICO

Positive impact on the rest of my life

“Because of Pickering College’s great learning environment, I am able to focus on my academics whilst still being given great extra-curricular opportunities. These opportunities have included being able to represent the school from Brighton, UK to Vancouver, BC. And Pickering does this without sacrificing any academics and whilst maintaining a great social environment. The Global Leadership Program will undoubtedly provide a huge positive impact on the rest of my life and my career.”

Sterling, '17, CANADA

This school has taught me so much

“Because of smaller class sizes than most schools, students get a better understanding and more teacher-to-student time when a concept is being taught. At Pickering College I think they give you many opportunities that will further your career path such as,
playing competitive sports, going on leadership conferences, experiencing other places around the world, having many student influences from around the world and building relationship skills. It is an honour to say that this school has taught me so much. I will
be forever impacted.”

Katherine, Grade 9, CANADA

Learning necessary lifeskills for success

”I chose Pickering College mainly because of the close-knit community. I wanted to experience the world and felt that the countless opportunities PC offers would best help me fulfill this dream, along with the many different nationalities and cultural diversities at the school. The students are very friendly and outgoing no matter what your background, where you come from or if you’re a boarder or day student, you always have someone to talk to about almost anything. The people you meet here are friends you keep forever. Coming here not only gives you a good education but it teaches you the necessary life skills to be a successful individual.”

Kallin '15, BERMUDA