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Faculty and students conversing happily in student lounge

What you really need to know about PC

Work hard, play hard.

At Pickering we believe it’s important to have a healthy balance to your school experience. While your teachers set high expectations for the volume and quality of work that you are expected to do throughout the year – we also expect you to be actively involved outside the classroom in sports, clubs and community service. There are so many opportunities at PC to try new activities and experiences and find your talents and passions… inside and outside the classroom.

Let’s talk about uniforms…

Yes, you will need to wear a uniform at Pickering College – and that makes your fashion choice each morning pretty simple. It also means that you can focus on expressing your individuality in ways that really matter – your artistic and creative expression, your athletic pursuits, your service to others – all while developing your character, belief in yourself, and compassion for others. It also means you don’t need to worry about attending a school where there’s a fashion show each day. But because we know that variety is the spice of life, you do have opportunities to individualize the uniform a bit and there are "dress down” days to look forward to.

Special routines

Regularly coming together with all your classmates in Morning Meeting, at lunch with your advisor & fellow classmates or in your co-curricular activity – allows you to feel a part of the larger school community. Not only will you have inspiring “food for thought” in Morning Meeting, but also you will be able to enjoy awesome food in our Dining Hall each day!


Whoever once said that strangers are just friends waiting to happen… must’ve been thinking about Pickering College. As a small community of almost 400 students, our visitors tell us how welcomed they immediately feel upon entering our school. But it’s not all about first impressions … Students tell us what they love about the school is the close and lasting friendships they develop not only with their classmates but also with many of their teachers. In fact, “friendship” is one of the core pillars of Pickering College – which goes back to our Quaker beginnings in 1842.