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PC Power of Community

Community. It is a word we often use in speaking about Pickering College. Prospective families tell us they can feel something special the moment they first visit campus. New students are welcomed, and connect with peers and teachers quickly, enveloped into life on campus and making friendships that will often last a lifetime. Alumni, whether they return once or many times to the Hilltop, tell us of the connection they feel to a place that made such a difference during key years of their lives.

The Pickering College community is tenacious in its compassion towards our students, unwavering in its confidence in a PC education, and upholding a bold vision for the future of our school. Many members of our community have made a donation in support of the Power of Community fund to support financial aid for deserving students.

Your gift will help to ensure that circumstances do not limit the ability of any child to attend Pickering College.

The greatest gift we give ourselves as a society is the quality of education we give our children. You can be an important part of ensuring current and prospective students experience all that Pickering College has to offer.

Many of us have gone through tough times and know what it is like to receive help when we need it most. By donating to PC Power of Community, you can give young people an opportunity to receive the financial assistance they need to support their educational journey at our school.

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PC Power of Community