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Sturrup Family Endowment Fund

Peter Sturrup, Head of School Emeritus, retired in June 2022 after 27 years as Head of School and 36 years at Pickering College. Over the course of nearly three decades, he has guided the school with a steady hand and quiet confidence through times of triumph and turmoil, leaving a lasting impact on generations of students. In his honour, the Sturrup Family Endowment Fund will continue to support future investments in our students’ education.

A Pickering College, education has a critical role in bringing out the best in the students who have the privilege of attending here. As Peter says, “The gift we give ourselves as a society is the quality of education we give our children. It is our responsibility to invest in this gift to the best of our ability, so that the future that awaits, a future filled with unpredictability and uncertainty, is met by courageous and creative young minds ready to make a difference.”

Thank you for considering a tax-deductible donation that will honour Peter’s lasting impact on our school while benefitting our students in their pursuit to make the world greater, better and more beautiful than they discovered it.

Lisa and Peter Sturrup