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What You Make Possible

Thank you for making a difference

Pickering College is very grateful to our generous community of donors for their ongoing support of the school, students and programs. Thank you for helping us build a global community of lifelong leaders who are socially responsible and academically prepared.

“I am positive that my success at the Schulich School of Business is a direct result of the values and ethics that I developed at Pickering College, none of which would have been possible without the support of the generous scholarship I received.”
- Adam Camenzuli '06

Our Stories of Impact

Belindalucy Nyamrunda ’14

“If it wasn’t for Mr. Spring’s generosity and value for education, perhaps I would have never been able to experience any of this, but he saw something in this girl from Tanzania with big dreams.”
– Belindalucy Nyamrunda ’14

What the scholarship has meant:

“At Pickering College I met great people, I have taken part in life-changing opportunities and most of all, was successful academically. This scholarship not only enabled me to attain the excellent Canadian education but also participate in many activities that are out of class. I remember the great community at PC ... as they say, the people are Pickering. Most importantly, I made friends that despite time and distance are still very much in touch and are some of the best people I know.”

School attended after PC:

University of British Columbia, Bachelor of Applied Science in Mining and Mineral Processing Engineering.

Where she is now:

Working as a field engineer in Vancouver.

Belinda Nyamrunda '14

Duc Huy Tran ’19

“Thank you Mr. Spring for believing in me!”
–Duc Huy Tran ’19 (Vietnam)

What the scholarship has meant:

“I would not be where I am without the help and support of the Spring Family and my scholarship to Pickering College. Receiving the Spring Family Scholarship is a huge gift, both financially and emotionally. It’s amazing to know that there are other people besides your family who believe in you and are there to help you reach your full potential.”

School attended after PC:

University of Toronto, Commerce, Rotman School of Management

Where he is now:

Fourth year university

PC graduate Duc Huy Tran ’19

Thank You To Our Donors

Our community cares deeply about supporting the school and its students – from current and past parents, to alumni young and old, to former and present faculty and staff. Our sincerest thanks to all our inspiring donors and sponsors who have generously contributed to Pickering College. We are proud to recognize your contributions in our donor listing.

Report Card - Annual Report

As you read this Report Card, you will see highlights of what was accomplished last year and see that there is much that we have to be proud of as a school and as a community. We are an ambitious school, keen to build on our successes and committed to a values-based, Quaker-founded educational approach that equips our students for the world that awaits.