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Students celebrating United Nations Day


This past school year, the Grade 4 class was tasked with completing an endangered species project. Grade 4 student Tristan, took his project one step further.

“Tristan loves sloths as all of his classmates and teachers know full well,” says his mother Gail. 

“We follow a rescue centre in Costa Rica called The Toucan Rescue Ranch and are always in awe of the work they do to rescue and rehabilitate sloths that have often been electrocuted or orphaned, as well as other wildlife they come across that need help.” 

With that in mind, Tristan, who will be entering Grade 5 in the fall, wanted to raise awareness for the pygmy three-toed sloth, “of which there are less than 100 left on a tiny island just off Panama,” says Gail.

He decided to submit a picture of himself with his endangered species project to the Toucan Rescue Ranch’s “Kidz Korner” which is now featured online.

For Tristan’s birthday in January, he had a virtual tour of the sanctuary with its founder.

“He ‘met’ some of the sloths and saw them being fed. It was so special - when travel opens up, we’re hoping to book a trip to go see them,” says Gail. 

This summer, Tristan and his sister Noelle are working to raise funds to help the Toucan Rescue Ranch.

Virtual call with a wildlife sanctuary and virtually meeting a sloth