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Boarding students from around the world

Boarding Program

With boarding students leaving the care, comfort, and guidance that their home life provides, it is imperative that a structured boarding program be in place. At Pickering College, the Boarding program is designed to provide a high level of support to our students in order to create a dynamic and respectful community within our residences. It also inspires a passion for learning by engaging students in a number of activities and outings and through weekly curricular sessions on a wide range of topics chosen to ensure our students’ success now and in their future.

The curriculum addresses students’ needs based on their age, stage of development, gender and cultural background. Our international students are taught Canadian cultural norms and expectations and are encouraged to share with our Day students information about their country, culture and traditions.

The breadth of the curriculum provides a comprehensive approach to teaching important life skills such as managing their living space, doing laundry, living collaboratively, to healthy habits, financial management, time management, and effective communication and study skills.

The program supports the values of the school and the Mission and Vision of Pickering College. Students also have the opportunity to take on leadership roles such as membership on the Boarding Life Committee as a Proctor.

This is an esteemed position within the boarding community as these students work with the Student Life Committee to address the needs of all constituents, to discuss Day and Boarding life, to plan and organize school wide events and to support the Boarding program.

Each dormitory has a Head Proctor who has been chosen by the students and who helps facilitate boarding activities.

There are three Boarding Councils – Boarding Activity Council (B. Active), Boarding Social Council (B. Social) and the Boarding Cultural Council (B. Culture). These councils plan and host various activities throughout the year. They are co-chaired by Proctors and facilitated by an Associate Faculty. Students are encouraged to get involved in these councils to develop their leadership skills.

The Boarding program is comprehensive and attempts to offer opportunities to all interest groups. There are activities that run each evening and Pickering College has a very extensive weekend activity program. There is no loss for things to do for those willing to get involved and participate. Day students are always welcome to participate in these activities with their boarding friends.