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Bookstore inventory


The Pickering College Bookstore provides a wide range of retail services either in direct support of the educational mission of the College or as a convenience to its students, faculty and staff.

Educational Materials

The Bookstore carries all course required textbooks, workbooks and novels, recommended reference materials, stationery, music and art supplies for both the Junior and Senior School. The Bookstore supports our IT environment by carrying a full range of computer accessories.

Stationery and More…

We offer complete selection of stationery and office products, Pickering College crested merchandise, school rings, greeting cards, giftware and prepaid calling cards.

Boarding Student Services

Our services extend to our boarding students by providing a central location to receive incoming mail and packages.


In Kindergarten, textbooks and supplies are included in Tuition.
For Grades 1-3, there is no additional charge for textbooks, the costs are included in tuition. Supplies and workbooks would be an additional cost.
For Grades 4-6, there is an additional charge for textbooks, but it is a rental fee only. Supplies and workbooks would be an additional cost.
For Grades 7-12, books and supplies are an additional cost and will range depending on the courses that a student is enrolled in. The Bookstore sells both used and new textbooks, as well as offering a full range of school supplies, including some technology items.