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Co-curricular Program

The Co-curricular Program is a fundamental part of each student's education, growth, and overall well-being. With offerings that are aligned with the Global Leadership Program’s core competencies, students are encouraged to participate in a variety of activities whose common ground is passionate engagement. Activities include artistic, musical, and special interest opportunities, competitive athletics, recreational sports, diverse clubs, as well as community outreach. The Co-curricular Program not only contributes to school spirit but is designed to inspire students to strive for excellence, develop imaginative insights and innovative ideas, and to act on their beliefs.


While recognizing the integral role the arts play within society and how they are a demonstration of our shared humanity, the Arts Program at Pickering College enables students to find and express their own voice through various media. 


Our non-competitive activities such as debate, theater, the arts, and recreational sports, focus on exposing students to new ideas, activities, and interests, while they develop self-awareness, self-confidence, and make new friends.


Pickering College is committed to building competitive athletic programs where students are provided with increasing levels of competition as they move through the Junior School to the Senior School. 

Radio Station

Pickering College's CRTC-licensed radio station, 102.7 CHOP FM is one of Pickering College's unique features, giving students the opportunity to become on-air hosts, producers, editors, and interviewers, as they help manage the station’s day-to-day operations.

Exposes students to activities they may not have otherwise tried

Is led by well-trained, skilled, and passionate teachers and coaches

Acts as a pertinent element to PC’s educational experience